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Pictures of Me

armystrong-countryboy: Hey…so…uhh(looks at notecards) did you uhh did…you fall from heaven because um(drops cards) shit fuck, oh god fuck I’m sorry you’re-you’re just so pretty. I’m sorry

Oh my god, that’s so cute :)

Anonymous: where are you from?

The desert :)

Anonymous: Hi :) this is gonna sound very very stupid. You know the lip piercing you have? It's a labret, but just on one side ? Yeah, what is this piercing called ? French is my first language, and I know the french name (labret décalé) but I'm going to get pierced at an english place and I don't know the exact name. Anyway, yours looks amazing on you, you are very pretty :) And btw, are you able to switch the jewelry you have to a ring ? (just curious :O)

Hi!! Thank you very much :) it’s just a single labret - there’s no special name for it that I’ve ever heard. I even googled it for you. Yes it can be a hoop! And it’s not at all painful. You should show me once you get it done.